Saturday, June 16, 2012

Noah Days - Part 2

One of the favorite things I would do with Noah's mother, our daughter, was to take her to The Red Balloon in St. Paul.  It's a children's bookstore that is simply magical.  I just had to repeat this with our grandson, Noah.  As you can see, he was so excited to get in.
                                  It looked just the same as it had when I would bring my children.
 Noah couldn't get enough.  He is a booklover just like his mama and his grandparents.
It was hard to tear him away but we left with a bookbag full of books.  Enough to keep him going most of the summer.  Of course, the next day he begged if we could go back.
The next day we went strawberry picking with my mom.  It was a cool morning and we got to hop a ride to the strawberry patch.
                                              Noah loved finding the strawberries...
for about 20 minutes until he realized that we were going to be there until we filled two trays full of strawberries.  Then he wasn't as excited and got a little restless.
It only took us about an hour and a half to do it.  My mom was so surprised at how many people were there.  She was then glad that I insisted we get an early start.  We sent strawberries home with Noah and also gave some to my sister.  That still left plenty for my mom who will make jam out of them and me who hulled and froze them.  Mom wants to do it again next year and I agree.  We'll have to see if Noah is up for it again.

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