Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Surprise From My Bojagi Teacher!

As KJ and I were making our way through the exhibitions, she took me to a nondescript building to pick up something.  Little did I know that she had made me a chasu (Korean embroidery) piece for my very own.
                 It was better than Christmas and we were picking it up at a Master framer's studio.
He is amazing and all he does all day is frames by hand. KJ told me that instead of gluing the chasu to the backing, he stitches it like they did in olden times. This is a photo of him wrapping my chasu so I could get it home safely. He had a pile of things waiting to be framed so I could tell that he is one busy guy.
It took him awhile to wrap my frame up and while we were there I looked around and found this painting just hanging on the wall.  He told KJ that it was over 300 years old. I was shocked, knowing Korea's history, that it had survived. I then told KJ that I was amazed to see something that was older than my own country, the US.  She translated what I had said to him and he stopped working thinking about what I had just said.  Then he laughed and I think he was surprised to realize that my country is really not that old.

The chasu made it home safe and sound. She could not have given me a more precious gift and it's something I will cherish forever. And whenever I look at it, I think of her and all the good times we had together.

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