Monday, July 22, 2013

A Week With Noah - Part 2

Thursday was Marketfest in White Bear Lake and it is always a fun place for kids. Noah loved the attractions.
                                          He was so patient waiting for his turn.
                                                               Time to buckle up.
And Noah is ready to jump to the moon and back. He had a blast. He ate some cheese curds and we went home with a bag of cotton candy.

Korea has some of the cutest air-dry clay kits.  They are not cheap, though. This one was about $18.00 but it comes with everything you need. You don't find much polymer clay because most Korean kitchens do not have an oven.
                                     This is what the kit looks like when you open the box.
                 Each kit comes with step by step instructions along with photos to make all sorts of things.
We made the penguin. 
The week of crafting ended with painting drinking glasses. 
       Noah did a great job and he had a lot of fun too. So now his momma has some new glasses.
This week Noah fell in love with Sam-Shik, the pig from the Korean drama "My Name is Sam-Soon." I had bought the pig during our first stay in South Korea.
The week with Noah just flew by although not for Louie. Being terrified of everything except Rocketman and myself, Louie spent the week hiding under our bed. He would come out at 10 pm only when he was sure Noah was asleep.

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