Monday, July 8, 2013

Listening to The Signs Around You

Does anyone remember this post from April 11 which was about 1 week before we left for South Korea?  I took it very seriously and it kinda amused Rocketman. I have experienced warnings or signs my entire life.  When I was younger I didn't always take them to heart, and things, sometimes bad, happened. That changed when I became a parent and I became even more intuitive, especially when it comes to my kids.

One example of how I listened to that inner voice had to do with our daughter. She was in junior high and got a call from one of her girlfriends wanting to go to the mall. It was a school night, it was already six o'clock at night and it was really last minute. My first thought was to let her go. It was the easy answer. No, "But Mooooommmmm." No whining. No looks of "you are the meanest mom on the planet."

But a voice and I mean a strong and loud voice told me, "NO!"  I hesitated and again I heard the very loud "NO" and that is what I said to her. I was the only mom to say no and I did feel bad at the time but I stuck to my guns.  She did get angry and if I remember correctly I didn't see her the rest of the night.

The next morning she went off to school as usual and a few hours later I got a frantic phone call from her. She was crying hysterically and asking me to pick her up. She said that the girls had been in an accident that night. One was dead and three including the mom were critically injured. I raced to the school to get her. The school had put her in a room with the school psychologist and she was having none of it, she wanted her mama.

We drove home, both of us in shock at what had happened. She felt bad that she wasn't with her friends and I felt how lucky we were that she was in the car with me and ok. We talked a lot about what had happened and when we were able to see the survivors we went to the hospital. It was so hard for her to see her friends so badly hurt that she got very dizzy and almost passed out. Recovery was long for her girlfriends and one still lives with traumatic brain injury. Our daughter could have been seriously injured if not killed if I had not said no. It's something that we both have never forgotten.

So when Rocketman pointed out how these random magazine I had thrown on the counter said, "Save Curt." we both took it as a sign and a warning. Little did we know that the peril would occur in South Korea. And yes, you could say that I did save him. I got him home as quickly and as safely as I could.

We took a taxi back home from the airport. I got Rocketman settled and then took the car to the grocery store to restock the pantry. I turned the radio on and can you guess what was playing on the radio?  Rocketman by Elton John. Simply amazing.

Listen to your intuition. It could save you or a loved one someday.


  1. I love you!!! You always amaze me!!!

    Didn't know this story about Miss June of the Moon! FASCINATING!

  2. Ah Holly, you know how to sooth my soul. Love you more!!!


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