Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vomit Alley by Suwon Station - May 2013

This photo is of me with the owner of the Fine People convenience store located behind the Dormy. We lived in the Dormy while our apartment was prepared and it is also where we stay when we visit Korea. It's close to Suwon Station and my Paldalmum where I take my craft classes.

I met him in 2011 when it took 5 weeks for our 10 day air shipment to arrive. I was rarely without a Pepsi those days and every few days I would pick up 4-5 cans and that's how I got to know him. He also gave me a free brown egg every once in a while as a thank you which endeared him to me. He knew very, very little English but you know that has never stopped me from communicating.

He was always having trouble keeping a girlfriend because of the hours he worked. I think the store is 24 hours and he was always there whenever I stopped by. I felt so bad for him. I reconnected with him during our trip in April. He hadn't changed a bit and was still having trouble getting and keeping a girlfriend. This time he told me he wants an American girlfriend.

It was really wonderful to see him again.

I also took a video of Vomit Alley. It was really funny when my Korean girlfriends came down to visit when Rocketman was in the hospital. They would walk that way to catch the bus back to Seoul at night and they couldn't believe the vomit piles they saw. They told me that it was awful and not like Seoul at all. So they understood how I came up with the name.

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