Sunday, August 4, 2013

Eastern Medicine in Minnesota

 Rocketman is still struggling with fatigue after his nightmare kidney stone in South Korea so I talked him into some Eastern medicine. My doctor had recommended Dr. Ren and I made an appointment last Friday for Rocketman. I went along for curiosity sake. The St. Paul clinic is located in an old mansion.
This photo is taken as you walk into the office. I loved, loved, loved the charm. It was 19th century meets Asian influences. They had kept so much of the bones of the home like the latticework in the entryway and the stain glassed windows.
They even had the Chinese herbs like we found in the Korean Eastern medicine doctor's office.
This is the waiting room where you wait for Dr. Ren to come retrieve you for treatment. You also need to remove your shoes before you go upstairs into a treatment room. I loved the creaking sounds as patients went up and down the staircase.
                  There is also a cat named Tai Ji that is the friendliest cat I had ever encountered.
                                              We also found this notice about Tai Ji.
Kitty loved Rocketman. Rocketman filled out a short questionnaire that just asked about medications he was on. He went upstairs and she took his pulse in each wrist and told him that he had a weak kidney. Wow! She had no idea what he had been through but she was spot on. She did 15 acupuncture needles on him and had him lay there for 30 minutes. She also prescribed some Asian medicine pills of which he needs to take 60 a day. He was to return in one week. We were surprised that our insurance pays for the acupuncture.
I'll keep you informed of his progress and if he sees any changes. He is really looking to get back to normal.
Dr. Ren also has a book.

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