Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Garden

My garden, it's an eyesore. It got out of control while we were living in Korea and I just never had the gumption to get it under control. I used to have lots of raspberries but the birds would beat me to the ripened fruit. I had basil and then never made the pesto and things I was going to do with it. The weeds took over and I never could get ahead of them so I gave up.

I wanted the garden gone so on Saturday my daughter and her family and our son came over to do just that. I figured it would take most of the day but they made short work of it. It was done in only an hour.

I made lunch for everyone including steaks on the grill and corn on the cob. The kids opted for a more kidlike meal and instead of putting a leaf in our kitchen table, we dusted off our Korean table. The kids loved eating there.
After lunch while they were finishing up with the garden, my doorbell began to ring. I opened the door to find a naked Ezra. He must have learned this from his mama who did a similar thing when she was about 3 only she ran over to the neighbor's house stark naked.
 Our son-in-law also brought some sod and this is what it looks like now. We were beyond thrilled.
I'm also getting ready for my painting class which is on Monday and Wednesday. I will be learning how to paint koi fish and lotus flowers in watercolors. I can't wait.

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  1. The watercolor class sounds like fun. I have to say that the photo of Ezra through the screen is priceless! That one should be framed for sure. :)


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