Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm a Craft Hoarder!

My craft room has been a catch-all since I broke my elbow in March. I had never broken anything but a toe before that and the added insult of being right handed and breaking my right elbow put me over the edge. You can ask anyone who knows me that I am always doing something crafty. I just can't sit and do nothing. Even when we travel, I bring something to do.

Mentally, the broken elbow brought me low and then the worry of the trip to Korea just a month later was an added worry. I was not going to postpone that trip for anything although now knowing what happened I am thinking the broken elbow was a sign to do just that. The broken elbow made doing everything difficult if not impossible and slowed me down.

This photo above is the entrance to my craft room.

The broken elbow was just the beginning of the piles and the trip to Korea just compounded it. Also the shape that Rocketman returned from Korea in and all the doctor visits and subsequent surgeries made the piles grow.

When I finally decided to tackle the mess, I realized that I just had too much stuff and needed to do some purging. I went through everything including years worth of magazines and donated and threw out things. If I hadn't used something in the last few years, out it went. It took a week to get through it all. I have put some of the magazines on Ebay if anyone is interested.

                                     I'm still not completely finished and I may never be.
                                                    But it sure looks a lot better.
My dream house would have a second floor as a craft room. But for now, I'm very happy.

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