Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Neighborhood Canadian Geese

I walk three miles everyday and on my walk I pass by a small pond. A few months ago I met this family of Canadian geese. Papa goose did not like me walking anywhere near his little family but I really had no choice and I thought that he would get used to seeing me everyday.
When the babies were little, they would hit the pond to get away from me. I loved watching one adult at the front of the line and the other at the end.
                                      I watched them grow each week as I walked by.

Sometimes I ran by when Daddy goose chased after me. I was afraid he would bite my ankles. He really is fierce.
The bigger the babies grew, the less inclined they were to move when I walked by choosing instead to squawk at me and shake their wings.
This is the family this morning as I walked by.  Now that they are getting bigger I sometimes go a week without seeing them thinking they left.
But Daddy goose was keeping a close eye on me, ready to chase me off if necessary. It's been so much fun watching this family grow.

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  1. NIce, I know alot of people that don't like canadian geese but they don't bother me. I kinda like them, they are large bird that can get aggressive.

    You've taken some really nice pictures, I enjoyed them. I also posted a few pictures this evening of a few grazing.

    check it out, Canadian Geese


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