Thursday, August 15, 2013

A New Driveway!

We sent in our very last house payment this month so we thought it was a perfect time to get a cement driveway. The asphalt was in pretty bad shape in spots.
                                                    It was also sinking near the garage.
The first day the crew removed all the asphalt including our basketball hoop (at Rocketman's request) and laid the gravel for the cement.
We also replaced our sidewalk. It had sunken and had gotten pretty wonky. They poured this the first day too.
And just as the crew pulled out for the day, the UPS man came and stepped OVER the yellow tape and left us this little reminder of his visit.
We were livid. Rocketman called the cement guy to see what could be done and was told to use a broom to smooth it out.  It worked somewhat.  We just couldn't believe he did it.  Let's see we have yellow tape marking the area and we have a once asphalt driveway gone with equipment left in the driveway. Hmmmm.

They finished it the next day and it took all day to do it. We can't drive on it for a week but we love it!
I also made my own laundry detergent this week using this recipe. I tripled the recipe and it filled this container quite nicely.


  1. Oh, let me know how the detergent works! Seems like it would be a good idea.

  2. will you let us know how the detergent works out :)

  3. Nothing beats the look of a fresh new driveway to your home.


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