Thursday, January 15, 2015

Candy Bar Board

This is the candy bar board I made for Laura, our daughter's 30th birthday. I used white foam board for stability. I have made these for over 25 years for all sorts of celebrations. I have had to change the wording over the years as new candy bars were introduced and others were discontinued. It is really fun to make and everyone loves them.

 Shockers  - Ode to "Name of the Person"
On your ____(number of birthday, anniversary...), do you hear Snickers from your friends?
You are Twix the age of youth and senility.
You may have to fight Chunky Mounds when you get up in the morning.
Your bones may tend to Crunch and you React like a Goober or an Airhead.
Cheer up and get your old Whatchamacallit in gear.
Even though some may think you're a little nuts (glue some nuts on the board) or worse, a Butterfinger, show them you are Good & Plenty.
Don't be a sucker for anyone.
We always knew you were something Extra.
Some say you're a Nerd by we think you are a Hot Tamale!
Take 5 to remember all the good times like taking a Fun Dip in a lake.
You're never to old to Skor!

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