Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Waterpark Weekend 2015 Edition!

This year's annual waterpark trip with our daughter and her family, we thought to find a waterpark closer to home instead of the 3 1/2 hour drive to the Dells. I found the Metropolis in Eau Claire, only an 1 1/2 drive, through Trip Advisor. For the most part, the reviews were really good. The biggest downside was it was $200 a night more than the Dells  but I decided to book the weekend anyway because not only did it have a waterpark, it also had an indoor amusement park also attached to the hotel.

I picked up the grandboys Friday morning while Rocketman was at work and we left a few hours after lunch. The drive was great with no weather issues which can be a great concern when it's bad. We checked in and got into the room only to find there was no heat and the thermostat was broken. Rocketman went back to the front desk and they gave us a new room.

I had brought quite a bit of food and thankfully Noah was able to get everything to fit into the hotel size refrigerator. I missed the full size kitchen we had always enjoyed at the Dells hotel. The two bedroom suite was also a lot smaller than the Dell hotel suite. We ordered pizza delivery, ate and then hit the waterpark.

Judah and his parents arrived and it was time for bed. The day was split between the waterpark and Action City. I didn't take any photos at the waterpark but I did take quite a few at Action City. Unfortunately, my camera decided to take mostly blurry photos. But I did get some of the grandboys and Rocketman is on the look for a new camera for me.
                                                                       Mama and Ezra
                                                             Grandpa and Judah
                                                       Noah driving his first go-cart.
                                                                       Ezra and Daddy
 Grandpa and Noah  
 Noah, Ezra and Daddy. 
Little Ezra. This is how we all felt after the weekend. One favorite Ezraism, we took the two older boys to the waterpark and it was time to leave. As I was drying Ezra off with a towel, he asked, "Grandma, can you wrap me up and carry me like a burrito?" It was the funniest thing I've ever heard and we did just that except Grandpa carried him back to the hotel room.  Even though I was disappointed in the hotel, it really is about spending time with family and for that reason it was worth every penny. But I think we will try somewhere new next year or return to the Dells.

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