Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Happy 30th to our baby girl, Laura!!!

Laura June Meverden was born at 4:46pm on January 14, 1985 at St. Joseph Hospital in St. Paul, MN. Her first due date way January 7th but when my OB could not detect a heartbeat at a few months, he moved the date to January 24th. Fourteen happens to be mine and Rocketman's favorite number. She was born on a full moon by emergency C-section. 
I had developed preeclampsia five months into the pregnancy. The day Laura was born, I was full of fluid and my blood pressure was 150/110. It was too dangerous to continue the pregnancy. Laura came into the world without a peep with her eyes wide open and taking everything in. She was perfect in every way. When my mom saw this photo, she wondered who that was holding Laura because I looked so different due to all the fluid. It ended up taking a entire year for my blood pressure to return to normal but it was all worth it.

We love you so very much, Laura, and we are so proud of the wife, mother and woman you have become.

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