Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Roman William Meverden - November 17, 2015

Our fourth grandson was born yesterday afternoon, Roman William Meverden.  He was a week later than his due date but he knew when he wanted to come. He gave his mommy a 30 hour labor including hours of pushing. I  can't even image what she went through. My children were born by C-sections for both of our children due to  my suffering with toxemia which included extremely high blood pressure. Poor mama was so exhausted from the ordeal but she is a trooper.
Here is a photo of the new family.
Grandma (me) totally smitten with Roman. I held him for over an hour in which we just stared at each other. He would glance around the room and then back to me. I wondered what he thought of it all and if he had any idea how much joy he has brought to us. I thought about how I held his daddy just the same way and marveled at where had all the time gone. But knowing that as we do as grandparents, we know that every moment spent with them is so very precious.

I found out that things had changed a whole lot since I had his father in 1987. Back then, the babies were brought to you to feed whether by breast or bottle and then returned to the nursery. They didn't like to keep the newborns in the room with you very long, germs and all. Roman stayed in their room the entire time.

The decision of circumcision is totally your decision with no pressure one way or another. When I had Luke, I was given a three page report on the importance of not having your child circumcised. Then a social worker also spoke to me encouraging me not to have it done.

They offer things like aromatherapy and massages. Wow, that would have been great.

Rocketman and I were treated to a steak dinner in the hospital in celebration.  No such luck for my son and his wife.

The nurses did all the changing of the diapers. They wouldn't even allow me to change one. My son and his wife did all the diaper changes.

I must be sounding really old. My mother told me that when she was in labor with me they gave her ether and it made her totally out of her mind as to what was going on and also very, very ill. Yuck. So change is good.

Happy Birthday, Roman!!

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