Tuesday, November 10, 2015

South Korea Vacation 2015 - Part 3

I am still amazed at what we see being worn on Korean television. In a way, some things haven't change. Rocketman told me once that one of his young Korean co-workers worn a shirt usually once a week with the "f" word all over it. He asked him if he knew what that word was and what it meant. He did know and didn't care. Rocketman's company in Korea apparently didn't care either. It would be a totally different story if he wore that same shirt here in the U.S.
This was the strangest thing. This guy was clearly recording and taking pictures of us. He would peek around the phone to look at us and returned to his folly. At first, we thought his sight was impaired but when he would turn the phone so we could see, it was a screen of the subway car. So I took a picture of him. We never understood why he was doing it but it continued for two subway stops which was four minutes or more. It was awkward to say the least.
Monday, we went to Suwon to visit one of my favorite people in the world at Dollhouse World. This is where I would go to do Korean clay miniatures. She had a new book out featuring her work and some of her students. She gave me a copy and of course I had to have it autographed.
We had a lovely time. Her sister who owns the coffee shop next door was in Canada the same time we were in Korea so we missed out on spending time with her.
We had lunch at my favorite buddae jjigae restaurant, Nolboo near Home Plus. I have known this lovely lady since 2007. She always gives us extra banchan and we love her to pieces. She doesn't speak English but her sister in Daegu does so the smart phone acts as an interpreter for us. She also gifted us with three or more pounds of homemade kimchi, some marinated pork and Korean nuts. It weighed a lot but you know someone truly cares for you when they give you some of their homemade kimchi. She used to give me kimchi all the time when we lived there.
 A visit to South Korea always involves a stop at Etude House. It is one of my favorite places. I bought these hand creams. Seriously, are they not the cutest!
 Another reason I love Etude House is the free swag they give you. 
I had never heard of a foot mask. I love Korean face masks so I had to give it a try. 
In addition to a copy of her book, my dollhouse teacher also gave me this ceramic photo holder. It is so cute.

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