Thursday, November 12, 2015

South Korea Vacation - Part 4

A Sunday afternoon must for me is the Hope Market in Hongdae. You never know what you are going to find but everything is handmade and you get to meet the artist. It's one of my most favorite things to do. This year was the first time I saw that had a sign.
The graffiti is always evolving in the children's area.
Anyone can register for a space and I heard the fee is nominal at least it used to be.
Even the puppies are dressed so cute. One of the biggest worries of some of the older Koreans including my Mr. Choi you can see in the photo. See how the guy in the red is squatting. It's a tragedy. His feet should be firmly planted on the floor but a lot of the younger generation is squatting in this manner. It's quite upsetting to some usually Koreans over 70.
                                          There were quite a few booths doing caricatures.
But if you look closer at this particular booth, we read this. Apparently if you want to look more beautiful than you actually are, you can pay extra for it. I'm not sure how he would sell this, "Hey, you could use a beauty up."

This baby was so good. She sat there for quite awhile while the artist drew her. I don't think either of my kids would have sat for so long at that age.
Since the Hope Market is in Hongdae, we walked around sightseeing. We came upon these two comedians that were doing a photo op.
There wasn't a huge crowd around them.

Always dressed to the nines in Korea.
Even couples coordinate their looks.
We ran into this balloon artist who was amazing.
He had his boom box going and was so personable.
I wish I would have taken a video of him.
He drew quite the crowd.
This is what Hongdae looks like on a Sunday afternoon. It's crazy how many people crowd the streets. It also helped that it was a glorious day.
I did buy a few things at the Hope Market. This is a keychain holder, handmade and stitched. I found it adorable.
Even the back is cute.
                                                        The inside ready for your keys.
   These hens were just too cute. They are refrigerator magnets. These were made by the same person.
                                She also threw in this keychain made with half a nut shell.
Here is my magnet on my refrigerator.

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