Monday, November 2, 2015

South Korea Vacation 2015 - Part 2

During our second day in Korea we discovered a festival at Gyeongbokgung Palace. There were so many things to see and do. This photo is for pet adoption. I didn't notice until looking at my photos that the dog on the far right was missing a front leg.
                    There was a booth where you could try on a hanbok and do a photo op.
We also saw a string of booths where it looked like people were selling their things like you would find in a garage sale.
                                                    Rocketman was busy taking photos.
                            We arrived before lunchtime and it was already pretty crowded.
Here is another photo of someone selling used clothing. There was booth after booth similar to this one.
                               Another area was showing children how to be firefighters.
                                                       We also saw children learning CPR.

                                                         The had a few food booths too.
                      Only in Korea have I ever seen eggs stacked like this and I've seen it often.
                                      This little guy was dressed so cute.  I loved the hat.
                              This photo was just so cute. They had been trying on hanboks.
                                                 And so were a bunch of their friends.

                     They had so many things for kids to do. It was a great place to bring your family.
Then I saw a booth of calligraphers. Oh boy! 
 They had a book of sayings even one in English. I picked out 144 and they had a calligrapher that spoke some English.

                                 Rocketman took this photo of me trying to choose a saying.
                                                      This was my calligrapher.

 After she was finished, they pointed to the end of the booth where my saying was carefully folded and placed in an envelope. The total cost - FREE!

Here is a video I shot of her finishing up my calligraphy:

They also had an area where kids could use chalk to color. It was fun to watch these kids having so much fun.


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