Thursday, November 12, 2009

Birds Do It!

They repurpose too, in this case, plastic. I found this nest in a bush while on my daily walk today. It made me think of recycling back in South Korea. They take it very seriously! We had to separate our garbage by the following: paper, plastic bags, metal, glass and wet garbage. We had a separate bag for each and this was in addition to our regular garbage or, should I say, whatever didn't fit in the above categories.
I can say now that I never did separate our wet garbage. It just was too disgusting for me. My Korean girlfriends would be all over me about this and not too happy with me but it was one thing I refused to do. We could take out the regular garbage any day because you had to buy special bags, so you had paid for whatever fit into that bag. But Sunday and Wednesday were recycling days. I would bring my bags down and dump them into the appropriate bin, which was labeled (in Korean). I would really be thrown off when they would switch up the bins so I had to peer in before I empty my bags. Many times there would be an ajosshi (older Korean man) watching everything that you did. They would scare me because I've heard that they will yell at you if you do it wrong. I never got yelled at but occasionally the ajosshi would just take my bags from me and do it for me. That way they knew it was getting done right.
I was ALWAYS scared to take out the regular garbage. The bags were thin and you could kinda see what was in them. Remember, I had wet garbage in with my regular garbage. I never got caught but it was always a long ride down the elevator from the 10th floor to the ground floor with a camera watching me the whole time. Ahhh, confession is good for the soul!


  1. What, pray tell, constitutes wet garbage???

  2. What would normally go down a disposal like potatoe peelings. I snuck a lot of left overs that never got eaten into the regular garbage. Old kimchi (although in Korea I don't think that is possible).

  3. Oh... So no disposals??? Interesting!


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