Monday, November 30, 2009

Wedding Maedeup

This is one a wedding picture of my maedeup teacher, Su-Mi. She was married last April and they are expecting their first child next year.

She knows how to make her own cording for maedeup and uses this cording for special occasions like her wedding.

This is the maedeup she wore with her wedding hanbok.

She even made one for her mother-in-law's hanbok. The cording is just beautiful.

Thanksgiving didn't go as we planned. We were planning a road trip to visit all the relatives in Illinois but I came down with the flu on Tuesday. It has turned into a nasty cold so I've been taking it easy. I told Rocketman I wanted to go back to Korea. In the two years I lived there, I didn't catch a cold or the flu once. It's made me rethink our eating habits here in the States and I'm going to really cut back or out red meat. Beef was so expensive in Korea that we rarely had it. We ate mostly chicken and lots of vegetables especially when we ate out. We also ate a lot of fruit. I just finished reading a really good book on the subject, "The Blue Zones."


  1. Maybe it takes some time for your immune system to get used to the States again? My husband is actually the opposite, he gets sick MORE in Korea than in the US. He had the flu twice last year and another time he had the flu was when he was in Korea the first time around (December 2001-September 2003). His immune system is just not as used to Korea and he's more prone to illnesses.

    Sugar is an immune suppressor so that would be the first place to look as far as seeing if there's been an increase in the diet since you've returned.

  2. Janeen, thanks for the advice. My cold is still hanging on. Drat!


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