Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leaves and Lines

While out on one of my daily walks, I found that the township had painted new pavement markings. Every time I walked on this newly marked street I would have a different emotion: anger and disappointment just to name the prominent ones. How difficult can it be to brush a few leaves out of the way of the spray painting? Did anyone care? How could anyone intentionally do this poor of a job.

But Rocketman told me, "Becky, it is a truck that sprays the lines. They probably didn't even notice there were leaves in the way." But then I say, "Who was running the truck?" It is my feelings that whoever did this didn't care about the job they were doing.

A few years ago I probably wouldn't have even noticed this but I've changed a lot from living in South Korea. The Koreans I met, whether it was my girlfriends or the ajumas (older Korean women) waiting on us at a local restaurant, everyone tried their best. Everyone wanted to please us so we would have a good impression of Korea and that was important to them.

I used to get a little irritated at how nationalistic the Koreans are: Samsung everywhere (anyone heard of Panasonic or Sony?), Hangul is the best alphabet in the world, Korean food is the best (I agree with that) and so on. We live in an incredible country with equally incredible people.

And sometimes I just need a little Grass Roots!

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