Monday, November 23, 2009

Self Taught?

Not me. I love to learn a new craft by taking classes or learning from someone else. When I was very little my mom taught me how to sew using her sewing machine. I learned how to make my own clothes when I took a sewing class in high school. My mom also taught me how to knit and would always cast on for me when I didn't want to learn it myself. I finally did learn when she wasn't always available immediately.

I owe my polymer clay career to the lady who made the elf in the photo above, Maureen Carlson. A neighbor invited all the neighbors over for a polymer clay party where Maureen came and taught us how to make millefiori candies. I loved it and my career started there in my neighbor's living room. Over the years I have continued to take classes which started out in her home and then moved to her Creative Arts Center. She is the most patient teacher I have ever encountered always meeting the individual needs of her students.

In addition to polymer clay, I have taken classes in: rosemaling, quilting (many), beading including stitches like the brick stitch, precious metal clay, cardmaking, wire working, glass beadmaking, maedeup (Korean knotting) and chilbo (Korean enamel). What I love about taking a class from an expert is that they are full of information and hints. You also have someone right there if you have a question or problem.

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