Thursday, February 18, 2010

2nd Time The Charm

Home Sweet Home! This morning found us back for more surgery. This time on Rocketman's "good" eye. Now I don't know what to call each eye! We had to be there at 7:30 am and the surgery was scheduled for 9:30 am.

They give you a pager and when it lights up, a staff member is looking for you. The admitting guy was standing right besides me as I took this picture (unbeknowst to me) and he asked if I scrapbooked. I told him "no, I blog."

Here's Rocketman with his two bad eyes waiting for surgery.

Rocketman post op. The Retinologist said that the worry is that he develops a membrane which would not be good. I didn't bother to clarify since we will be seeing him tomorrow at 8 am. Surgery went went well and his eye has a matching buckle in the back like the right eye. I wonder what color the buckle is? We got home around 11:30 am. Rocketman has to keep his head facing the floor until our appointment tomorrow. Thank goodness it isn't for a week like the last time.

He came home with this spiffy bracelet just like last time. He has to wear it for 3-4 weeks. He just loves the bright green color. He's not working tomorrow although I have caught him on his computer a few times today.
He was partially awake for the surgery but didn't feel a thing. I can't imagine being awake and having someone working on my eyeball. I had to have a Valium before they did my Lasik surgery years ago that's how big a baby I am.
We will know about his prognosis tomorrow. What are the chances of having a spontaneous detached retina in both eyes!


  1. I hope he's doing better today!!! Give hm a hug from me and Mabel!

  2. Oh wow. Both eyes! Is he severely near-sighted? That is a risk factor for detachments. I've had multiple detachments, but only on my bad eye. I have a double buckle on that eye (one surgery, two buckles). I've also had the vitrectomy with the gas in my eye - but I never got the nice bracelet. I have had too many laser surgeries to count and quite a few smaller gas bubbles put in at the doc's office.


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