Friday, February 19, 2010

Ikebana - Week 2

With all the excitement with Rocketman this week, I forgot to post on my second Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) class. This week was working with twigs and how a few twigs, flowers and greens can create such a simple and beautiful arrangement. This one is the one I created with a lot of help from our instructor.

The following are arrangements from the rest of the class:

We have all had to much fun with this introduction to this wonderful craft. We all want continue so we will be meeting twice a month at our instructor's home. I am in the process of buying all the pieces needed so I can actually create my arrangement and bring it home intact.

Update on Rocketman. The retinologist visit today went as well as can be expected. He does want Rocketman to be have his eyes parallel to the ground for a week which was not unexpected but hard to hear. I went off this morning to get the magic massage chair that allows him to and least be able to sit up. Thank goodness for his IPod Touch and Net Flix.


  1. How can he sit up and be parallel to the ground??? ( I think we need a pic!)

    Tell him he can use his itouch as a phone with skype!!! It's so cool!

  2. The chair has a head rest so his head goes into this padded hole facing the ground.


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