Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy 23rd Baby Boy!

He was always running on fumes, our boy. We often find him in this position with his "big one" blankey. We can't believe how fast the years went.
Another scare for Rocketman and an unplanned visit to Dr. NBM (No Bedside Manner). Rocketman spent Tuesday at work seeing flashers (streaking, flashing light) in his good eye. This even went on when his eye was closed. We have learned since the detached retina that flashers are NOT a good sign so with a quick call to the retinologist we were off to see him on Wednesday.
I was amazed that Dr. NBM again for the second visit in a row was pleasant and concerned, at least at the beginning of the visit. Hmmmm, I may have to rename him. He looked in the right eye where he had performed the most recent surgery and was very pleased with how it was healing. His sight is still horrible but that was expected. Hey, it's only been since June of last year that he been able to see out of it.
Now to his supposedly good eye, the left. Dr. NBM said that the vetrious was pulling away like he had anticipated since it had happened to the right eye. He said that hopefully it wouldn't take the retina with it but we would know in 3-4 days when this process would be concluded. Rocketman is well aware of the signs of a detaching retina so he told us to call him immediately if anything happened.
He then put some numbing drops in that eye and stuck a metal probe around Rocketman's entire eye. Now Rocketman has an incredible high tolerance of pain but the grunting he was making clearly told me that he was in a lot of "discomfort." I love how doctors use that word to describe excruciating pain. I reminded Rocketman of his kidney stone and that incredible pain that even oxycontin couldn't touch. Dr. NBM took offence to my reference of comparing what he was doing to kidney stone pain. I sometimes really wish he would have a detached retina and all the complications Rocketman has had to endure and see if that doesn't change his compassion. He took about 5 minutes to complete this probing but to me and Rocketman, it seemed like an hour. I left with a pretty good stomach ache and Rocketman said he got really nauseous during the procedure.
We are well into day four so we feel we dodged a bullet. Tonight we have a 60th birthday party for the mother of one of my dearest friends. I'm hoping to get Rocketman to have a few beers and forget about both his eyes for one night.

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