Monday, February 22, 2010

My Name is Sam Soon

This was the drama that started my love affair with Korean dramas. The focus was on a chubby (overweight) older (late twenties) woman who is a pastry chef who wishes to change her name. Actress Kim Sun Ah reported gained 15-20 pounds to play the part of Sam Soon. She did it brilliantly!

Her love interest was played by actor Hyun Bin who owned a restaurant and had issues of his own. Sam Soon ends up working at his restaurant with a lot of twists and turns.

The music of this drama is also fantastic. I am lucky to own a copy of the original soundtrack. I also have a pig like the one from the drama.

My sister, the eye doctor, recently had a patient in that is suffering from some eye condition where he can only see up close. He told her the only thing getting him through this time was Korean dramas. He's hooked.

You can watch a lot of the Korean dramas online at Another source is here.

I surprised to find out that one of my Korean yoga teacher's name was Sam Soon. She didn't seem to like her name either.

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