Thursday, February 25, 2010

Polymer Clay!

I haven't worked in polymer clay since our return from South Korea last April which is almost a year now. All my clay (well, most of it) got over to Korea when we moved but U.S. customs would not let it back deeming it too dangerous. I did try to smuggle it by packing it myself but it was discovered. So Hannah's nephew was thrilled to get all my clay.

These three little pigs were in my first book, "Clay Creations" with Design Originals.

Also in that book I did a series called, "Babies of the Month." This is March. I've put many of these in my Etsy shop.

We ended up at the Retinologist yesterday because Rocketman was seeing flashers which means tugging on the retina. We saw the older brother of Dr. NBM (No Beside Manner). He sure was different than his little brother. Very compassionate and concerned. He said that the flashers were due to the gas bubble pressing onto the retina. No cause for alarm but told us it was good we came in. He said that Rocketman needs to watched closely right now. His retina was still attached and doing well.


  1. Love your blog! Also, Love the "Three Little Pigs" :-)

  2. Those are so cute!

    Good luck to Rocketman!

  3. Has it already been a year? Wow....
    Why would your clay be thought too dangerous?
    Very cute clay works!

  4. I love your clay piggies and baby. I really enjoyed watching your segments on Carol Duvall and you inspired me to take up the polymer clay hobby. Thanks!

    I hope Rockeman's eye gets back to normal fast. It took a while for my gas bubble to dissipate and for the fluid to fill back in. It was a very odd experience. I still get flashers frequently, but it's from all of my scar tissue (after many detachments and surgeries).


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