Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Anseong, South Korea

Nan-Young wanted to do a road trip with us and I made sure that we would not go far. She assured me that it was only a half hour away (which in Korean means an hour). We went to this artistic retreat center in Anseong, South Korea.  It was myself, Rocketman, Nan-Young, another chilbo student of Nan-Young's, with Metal Guy providing the transportation. The brochure she had made it look like a really cool place.
 When we got there it seemed like it wasn't open. We didn't see anyone as we began to walk around.
                                                           It was very beautiful.
Then we saw all these umbrellas lined up outside one of the buildings.  When we peeked in, we saw a huge room full of Korean children.
We went into several buildings where we found all sorts of crafts. This is a photo of some handmade candles.
                                                            And some broken hearts.
                                                                        Clay flowers.
                                               The kids went from building to building.
                                So many things to see and we photographed a lot of it.

                                        Rocketman got to try out his new camera and some of his lenses.
                                             It was really a nice place to get away from city life.
 Metal Guy even found a giant swing. This is how I've seen so many swings in South Korea. Not like in the U.S. where you sit on the swing. These are designed for standing.
                                                Here are some of Rocketman's photos.

The ride back ended up taking a very long time. First, Metal Guy somehow got lost and we went out of the way and then traffic stopped. It was too early for rush hour and we finally came across this mess on the highway. Rocketman was pretty exhausted by the time we got to the Dormy but it was good that he was able to get out and about for a little trip.

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