Friday, May 17, 2013

Chilbo (Korean Enameling) 2013

Rocketman spent the days until his next doctor's appointment resting and also getting out around the Hwaseong Fortress area of Suwon which is where my chilbo and hanji (Korean papercrafting) shops are. The first day out of the hospital we ventured along with our Korean friends Hellana and Hannah to my chilbo shop.  Young-Soo and I were so glad to see each other.  
                Nan-Young, my chilbo teacher, wanted me to pose with a couple of her friends.
Even Metal Guy showed up for a visit. Hellena took this picture and I just noticed Rocketman to the left.
                        There is always lots of picture taking going on when we come for a visit.
See what I mean. I felt like a celebrity!
From left to right: Nan-Young, Rocketman, me, fellow chilbo student and Metal Guy. Young-Soo in front. She owns a noodle shop right next door to Nan-Young's chilbo shop and is also her best friend.
A restaurant down the street was having a one year anniversary party where they made food for the elderly of the neighborhood and the foreigners. My bodyguard was doing the cooking.
They also had a live band.
                                       You haven't lived until you danced with Korean ajummas!
                                                                 And dance I did!
Again and again!
Young-Soo even took the microphone to sing a couple songs and she was really, really good.
                            Even patients from a local hospital stopped by for some food.
From left to right: Young-Soo, me, Nan-Young, and my bodyguard.
I set up some tentative chilbo classes with Nan-Young depending on how things were with Rocketman. His pain came and went. But I was able to get in four classes before things went South for Rocketman.

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  1. Greetings, I have been looking at your blog for a while and I wish I could go to Korea too! Your pictures look so vivid and harmony :O


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