Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hanji People with My Chilbo (Enameling) Teacher Nan-Young

You read that right. I took a hanji people class taught by my chilbo teacher, Nan-Young. They were so much fun to make and I was thrilled they got back to the States just like you see them above.
                                                        The kits started out like this.
      They took a few hours to make and it would have taken longer if not for Nan-Young helping me.
As we were working, a local Suwon television station producer came in along with the host. They wanted to interview me for their show about my love of Korea and especially the street where Nan-Young's shop is. The hostess spoke pretty good English so she could ask questions for me to answer.

After my interview was done, she went outside with the producer and film crew to shoot the "cold open." I grabbed my video camera and took filmed a little bit of it.
                           Here are my finished hanji people along with me and Nan-Young.

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