Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baek Seong Min - Master of 수묵화 (Korean Ink Brush Painting)

Nan-Young, my chilbo (enameling) teacher takes sumukhwa (Korean ink brush painting) lessons from  Korean Master, Baek Seong-Min.  I have met him several times over the years but I had yet to buy his book and have it autographed by him. This became one of the top things I wanted to do on our vacation and Nan-Young made it happen. He graciously came to autograph his book for me and even brought me a gift.
He brought me a set of postcards containing prints of some of his paintings. To say I was over the moon is to put it mildly.

He also brought a packet of paintings showing what he was working on at the moment. Metal Guy,  Nan-Young and, of course, me, went through the paintings which were all of horses. There were well over 100 paintings. He said that he had been contacted by Hollywood to make some paintings for a movie.  He has already done that for many Asian movies.
                                                             Here are a couple.
                                             Even my Body Guard came over to join the fun.
Baek Seong-Min and me with my autographed book. The page was completely blank and he sat down and did a quick drawing along with the autographed.

                                                        This is the cover of his book.
                                                    It contains many of his paintings.
 I knew I just had to buy one for Rocketman.  He sold me this one for 300,000 WON ($260.00 USD).
He threw in this deer painting for free. I was happy I had brought enough money along. He is truly a Master and I felt so honored that he took time to come and see me. I also made a video of him adding some color to the horse painting. It was all black when I chose it but he wanted to add some color so he used Nan-Young's paints to do his magic.
The second video is Baek Seong Min autographing my book. 

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