Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chilbo (Korean Enameling) Class #1 - 2013

Nan-Young and Metal Guy wanted to take me to lunchee before my first chilbo class the next day. Rocketman wasn't feeling too well so he stayed back at the Dormy to rest. Rocketman had rented "eggs" at the airport which provided both of us with portable WiFi at all times. I kept me "egg" in my purse and would keep my IPhone handy to see if Rocketman contacted me through Kakao Talk. It worked great.

We walked to a restaurant right across the street from Hwaseong Fortress. It boasts of food similar to what the kings of Korea ate. I had never eaten there before but I had ridden past it on the bus almost every day.
                                                                   And here's the food!

 It wasn't cheap, 15,000 WON ($15 USD) per person and they wouldn't let me pay. It upsets me because I know that was a ton of money to them.  But I always bring great gifts from the U.S. for them. This year I brought Nan-Young a Coach purse from the outlet mall and for Metal Guy a North Face windbreaker. North Face is crazy popular in Korea and the prices are out of this world like three times what there are in the U.S. He was so shocked but thrilled. He wore it everytime I saw him.

 Then it was back for class and I made some earrings using a new metal she had gotten. I'm not sure what kind of metal it is because you need to be careful what you use with chilbo since it goes into a very hot kiln.
I also made this necklace. Then it was back to the Dormy to see how Rocketman was doing and to catch some dinner.

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