Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Four Days with the Grandkids

When I realized MEA was coming up, I thought it was the perfect time to have the grandkids over and to give Mama (who is pregnant with our third grandchild) and Daddy some time to their selves. It also coincided with the purchase of a new file cabinet and we knew the box would be a big hit.

I picked up the kids on Thursday and the fun began. We stopped at Pearl Vision to get Noah's glasses fixed (a lens was missing). We had an hour wait so we ate lunch at Noodles and Company, one of Noah's favorite places. With time still left to kill, we stopped by Toys R Us for a couple of toys for each of the kids. Then we picked up Noah's glasses and headed home.
             Ezra was a little afraid of the box at first. It was really, really long and very dark inside.
                 But he quickly overcame that fear and it was all about the box the entire weekend.

Rocketman took off Friday and watched Ez while Noah and I visited a paint-your-own ceramic shop. I chose a bowl and Noah chose a kitty.
He wanted to paint the cat a fluorescent orange. It was a lot of fun even when we found out we had to to do three coats of paint. I had taken ceramic classes back in the 80's and we only had to apply one coat so I'm not sure that was all about. I helped Noah with the coats because it did get boring.
Here is Noah's completed kitty. They said that it takes a week to be fired and ready to pick up and they would call when it is ready.
                                                 Yep, the box is a huge hit every single day.
I let Noah read for awhile each night before going to sleep. He told me that's it's his most favorite thing to do. His mama and his grandma feel the same way. One night I went in to find him already fast asleep.
                                            We also had some time AWAY from the box.
                                        Sometimes Ez just needed a cuddle with Grandpa.
                               Ez also loved to read the Sunday paper with Grandpa.
I think they found something they like. Mama came to pick them up Sunday afternoon. The four days truly flew by. Rocketman and I lost a little sleep during those days and there was almost nonstop action the entire time but we wouldn't have traded it for the world. The house is awfully quiet now.

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