Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ikebana Class - October 22, 2013

This week's ikebana class was the slanting style. I had ordered an ikebana vase on Ebay and it came just in time. This is my finished arrangement.
      This is a close up of my placement of my greens. You put them in first, then the flowers follow.
                              This is a look at my arrangement before I added the flowers.
              There was a total of four of us in the class and these pictures are of my fellow students.

This is the last class for the year. My teacher will have more classes at the White Bear Center for the Arts and she also offers them in her home. I can't wait to continue. I've really enjoyed it.

I am almost done with my bojagi curtains and I hope to finish them this week. I am attaching the tabs for hanging right now. I also need to post about having our grandkids for four days. It was crazy and fun. I am coming down with a nasty cold and I'm so glad I didn't have it when the grandkids were here but it is definitely slowing me down a bit.

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