Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hanji Project - Jewelry Boxes

I have done very little hanji (Korean papercrafting) during the past year. I came home from Korea with a whole lot of hanji forms and paper in 2012. I also added to my collection when we vacationed there in April of this year.

So I knew as soon as I finished my bojagi curtains, I wanted to do some hanji. My first project was to make some jewelry boxes. This is how the kit comes.
The first step was to glue everything. Sides are glued using Korean super glue and when I need to glue form on top of form I used a special glue which is very sticky which I also got from my hanji teacher.
I also measured and cut out the hanji paper I would be using. Hanji forms are covered 100% with hanji paper. As you can see, my kitchen counter top did not stay empty for long.
I also used my Korean gloves to keep the glue from sticking to my fingers. It's the way I was taught by my hanji teacher.
If you are ever in Korea, you would notice that Korean men also use these gloves when they are working like moving boxes.
Finished with part one. Hanji along with just about every Korean craft I learned is not for the impatient crafter. I've learned that the hard way and I am still a work in process as far as that is concerned. Stay tuned for part 2.


  1. Hi Becky,
    Stumbled on your blog via FB. Looking forward to reading more. Envious that you've been to Korea! I've been studying the language for a couple years now and am fascinated with the Korean culture and history.

  2. Hi Becky,
    I found your blog while searching for instructions to make up a Hanji Box kit which I bought when in Korea last year. I haven't found instructions as yet however had a fantastic time exploring your blog. My son married a beautiful Korean lady last year and he is currently teaching English in Daejeon. I just love Korea and can't wait till our next visit. I was fortunate to be able to wear a hanbok to their ceremony. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful blog and I will now continue my search of the internet to see if I can find some instructions. Cheers, Keryn


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