Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Family Time!

I love my crazy family! My folks came up from Rockford, Il for a visit and we had a big family dinner on Sunday. Both our kids were able to come which is rare especially since my son works all the holidays and lots of weekends. My sister, Wendy, and her hubby, Colin, were also able to come over. Little Ez fell asleep on the long drive over so he was a little cranky at first.
                  I tried to get a photo of Ez with his great grandma but he was a little reluctant:)
                                    But as you can see, it didn't bother my mom one bit.
My mom brought a bunch of steaks and Rocketman's ONLY job for the day was to cook them. That turned into a huge ordeal when 20 mph cold winds kept the grill from warming up properly. It took a long time to cook the steaks but no one was bothered with delay except for me.
Wendy made our favorite cheesy broccoli side dish and I also made baked potatoes in the crock pot. I don't recommend trying a new recipe when you are having tons of company but the potatoes turned out great. I had rubbed them with olive oil and then sprinkled kosher salt over them and wrapped them in tinfoil. I cooked them in the crock pot on high for 4-5 hours and they turned out perfect. My mother was impressed with my cooking prowess. I was just thankful they were not undercooked.

          Ez opted for an apple. A rather huge red delicious apple from our local apple orchard.

This photo is of our son-in-law, Brent, daughter Laura, sister Wendy and my Dad. He really liked our Korean coppee.
               Our son, Luke, came with his new girlfriend, Lessa. She is really a sweetie!

This is my Mom asking if I will be putting all these photos on Facebook. She tells me she hates Facebook yet whenever she visits, she loves to look at it. Hmmm.
                                                  Noah was a cutie as always. 
                                               Ez was a hoot and so much fun to watch.
                                          The grandkids LOVE their Uncle Luke!
                                                                      Wendy and Mom
                                            My folks with Luke, Lessa and Noah.
                                                             Laura, Colin and Wendy
                                                                  Ez with his Uncle Colin.
      The boys found the pillows from the couch piled in the corner and had a blast playing in them.
 Brent, Laura, Ez, Noah and my folks.  It was the best day ever!!!! When your folks get up in their 80's, you really appreciate these moments all the more.

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