Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hanji Project - Tissue Boxes

This is probably the last hanji project I will be doing for awhile. I need to finish a baby blanket for grand baby #3 that is coming in March. These are tissue boxes. They were so easy to make and I had a blast picking out the colors for each one.

But picking out the colors leaves my craft room looking like this. Whenever I dig into my hanji paper box, it makes me want to hop a plane to Korea to buy more. I had a hanji shop just a few blocks from our apartment in Korea that sold only hanji paper. It didn't even sell any forms. I never did quite figure out why.
             My kitchen table looked like this was I was cutting the papers out and getting ready to glue.
After the hanji papers were picked and cut out, it was time to glue the forms. They come looking like this.
                                                           Gluing was easy-peasy!
                                                So was gluing. It went pretty quick.
Here is a closeup of one of the tissue boxes. They turned out beautifully. I still have a ton of hanji forms and paper so stay tuned. But for now, it's back to knitting.

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