Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bojagi Coasters

I took a little break from all the knitting I had been doing and used some satin scraps to make a bunch of bojagi coasters.  I'm thinking of offering a class on it sometime. I had stitched the four squares together but then cheated and used my sewing machine to sew both sides together. Don't tell my bojagi teacher:)
It took awhile to cut, mark and pin everything together. Then the hand stitching began. I had forgotten how time consuming it is. One thing I have learned through the years is that bojagi cannot be rushed and you can't be impatient with it.
                              They really turned out beautifully and Rocketman also loved them.
Another thing I love about bojagi is that you can use even the tiniest scrap so very little is thrown away.

Well, we are into our 12th night of below zero temperatures and it has been below 0 most days except yesterday it did get up to a balmy 3 degrees. Stay warm my friends!

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  1. I saw another video you might like, about making Korean coin purses. It shows the initial step, but not how to finish them.


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