Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Favorite - Korean Food!!!

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, the Korean Heritage House had a luncheon and of course, we would never miss an opportunity for some great homemade Korean food. It did not disappoint!
They had a great turnout.
That was last Saturday and I was still hungry for Korean food so I took out the new indoor grill I had recently bought and decided to make some galbi. I went to my butcher to get the short ribs and he cut them to my specifications. Then I used this recipe to marinate the ribs. I even found Asian pears which you need for this recipe at my local Kowalski's store. I love that store! The grill worked perfectly, and the best part, it didn't set off our smoke alarm - something I've been known to do while cooking.
            I also made a kimchi jeon using this recipe and Rocketman said it was my best to date.
But I found myself running from the kitchen table where I was cooking the galbi to the stove where I was cooking the kimchi jeon. That's when Rocketman got home from work and he jumped in and finished cooking the galbi.
I didn't have all the side dishes that a normal Korean meal would have but it was still delicious with plenty of food.
                        I would even put a piece of kimchi onto my bite and it really hit the spot.
If you've been wondering why I have been so quiet all week. First, I got my early birthday present which was an upright freezer and I spent the week filling it with homemade soups for Rocketman.

I also decided to organize my maedeup cording by numbering and naming each color. I also cut five feet hanks to package it for my Etsy store. This weekend Rocketman is helping me take pictures of each color. I couldn't believe how much time it took.

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