Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Wisconsin Dells - 2014!

Last weekend we headed out to the Dells to spend the weekend with the grandkids at an indoor waterpark. We left on Friday and the trip started out pretty dicey with freezing rain the entire trip. I was so glad when we arrived. The kids were already there taking advantage of the huge waterpark. Noah and Ez LOVE the water and it was pretty empty Friday afternoon.
Another big hit with the boys is the hot tub in the room.
                               Noah was getting a little tired from all the fun in the waterpark.
                                           But he just wasn't quite ready to get out.
                                          Ezra could have stayed in the hot tub all night.
But he too zonked out from all the fun. Laura's birthday was the following Tuesday so we surprised her with a pregnancy massage offered through the resort. She loved it!
 Saturday night after dinner we took the kids to the arcade also located conveniently in the resort. The kids had a blast and the rides were really reasonable at $.50 to $1.00 per ride.

 I wanted to play this game so badly but alas it was out of order. Sunday came too quickly and we left while the kids spend the morning swimming before checking out. Rocketman and I were so exhausted but we had a blast.

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