Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!

This is how Louie has been spending the New Year. I'm not quite sure what he is doing here because this is one place he never plops himself but to each his own.
I spent New Year's Eve and all the days since Christmas burning this cool candle I got from my sister, Wendy.  Have you heard of Diamond Candles?  Buried inside each candle is a ring worth $10 - $5000. How cool is that? I couldn't wait to see what I got. Luckily, the ring wasn't too far from the surface and I really loved the scent of the candle.

Finally, nirvana!!!!
My ring was the $10 variety and I could tell by the metal used. I have seen other customers that have taken their rings to a jewelry and ended up with the upper end of the $5000. It's a pretty ring and in my favorite color so I'm happy. It was so much fun to do. The candles sell for $24.95. The website is here. You need to check it often because I see candles one minute and they are gone the next. If you are interested in a 20% discount, see my Facebook page. It's only through 1/3/14.
Last night, through Korean Kakao talk I wished my friends in Korea a "Happy New Year." I woke this morning to exciting news that two of my girls are coming for a visit in May!!! 
Hellena and Hannah are coming to Minnesota!!!!!
                                               I also heard from Jeff and his lovely wife.
I was a little bummed when I went to bed New Year's Eve. I received over 120 photos from my chilbo (Korean enameling) teacher, Nan Young, with what she had been up to. It gave me an overwhelming case of homesickness. I truly wanted to jump on the next plane to Incheon. I'm thinking we'll head over in the Fall. Summer is brutal for these two Minnesotans but with a month of below 0 temperatures I may be tempted:)  Happy 2014 y'all!! 

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