Saturday, March 13, 2010


The colonoscopy went pretty well except for the wait. I was told when I got there that my doctor was very popular and she always ran late. That's great! Of course after hearing this news they decided to get my vitals and get me prepped. My pulse was 102 and they were surprised at that but I told them that I was nervous. I also told them that it is hard to get a line in my veins and so they brought in their pro who still had a little trouble but found one on the second poke. Then I sat for an hour waiting.

While I was sitting (which by the way isn't too comfortable after two days on the toilet) a guy came in and said that another doctor could "do me" right away. I asked if it was a man to which he answered ,"yes" to which I answered "no thank you, I'll wait."

When they finally came to get me I was glad I waited. The doctor was so nice and just wonderful. She could give Rocketman's Dr. NBM(No Bedside Manner) some lessons! She said that since my heart was racing like a bunny she was going to make me feel really good. I don't remember a thing until she said that she was done and then the next thing I remember was Rocketman's smiling face.

I was really out of it most of the night. After not eating for two days, I wanted Red Lobster. I should have listened to Rocketman and passed but I can be a stubborn lass. We ordered and I ate my salad when I started to feel really bad. I asked Rocketman for the keys to the car and went to lay down. I don't remember the ride home or much else. He did get my shrimp to go and I ate that later.

We had our 3rd Ikebana class and the first in our teacher's home. Our next class is in April. The first one is mine.

The teacher had these plastic koi fish she had bought in Japan. They were so cool.

I'm working on a quilt right now and that is why I've been so quite on the blog. I really get into a zone when I'm constructing.

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