Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Quilt

I got the quilt sewn together and it turned out great!

The border is very special to me. The striped satin is common used for the sleeves on the Korean hanbok and was bought in South Korea. It really seemed to frame the quilt beautifully.

This is going to be the backing fabric. What a story this was. I thought I calculated correctly the amount of fabric I needed which was 4 yards and I went to the quilt store yesterday to find the backing fabric. I was surprised when this one caught my eye because I've never been a big fan of orange.
The store was packed and everyone was waiting for fabric to be measured and cut. I ended up waiting 20 minutes. I was also short again on black and found they had that restocked so I bought some more.
I got home and preshrunk the fabric. I laid the fabric over the quilt and saw that I had miscalculated by half. I needed another 4 yards. Did I ever mention math was my worst subject in school? Where is Rocketman when I need him?
So today as soon as the quilt store was open I was there. Luckily it wasn't as crowded as Saturday. I had a swatch of the fabric and went to the section where I had purchased it yesterday. It wasn't there. A shop employee even helped me looked. I couldn't believe the entire bolt had been sold.
As I looked further around the room, I saw a fellow shopper with a bunch of bolts of material laying on a table and one of those bolts was my fabric! My stomach dropped and I felt sick. I got up my nerve and went over to her and asked her how much of that fabric she needed. She smiled and said that she just needed half a yard. I asked her if I could get 4 yards from it and she gladly handed over the bolt to me.
I quickly had it measured and cut, returning the bolt to her while thanking her profusely. I left the shop relieved and thinking that I had never had so much trouble with a quilt before. First not being able to find plain black fabric and then this. I'm glad I'm almost finished.
I have a few more things I finishing up and then I will email the lady that does the quilting for me with her long arm. She does a fantastic job.

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  1. Wow, I can't believe how beautiful it's looking. Can't wait to see it all finished!


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