Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rocketman Update

Rocketman is getting very familiar with the equipment at the retinologist's office. Dr. NBM (No Bedside Manner) was in fine form at this week's visit. He did finally admit that two spontaneous detached retinas (involving both eyes) was extremely rare. He attributes it to plain old bad luck.

This is what Dr. NBM puts onto his head when he wants to look deeply into Rocketman's eyes. He didn't use this during this visit. He said Rocketman's reattached retina is healing very well and he has been cleared for takeoff.

Noah, our grandson, also came for a visit and spent the night. There just isn't anything better than grandchildren. He always gets a little weepy for mama at bedtime and this time he told me that he didn't want to come to my house anymore. But morning brought syrup and waffles and all was forgotten. He loves my craft room which he calls the art and craft room. We always find a fun project to do. This time he wanted to make a necklace for his daddy.

He's going to be 4 next month. I can't believe how fast time flies!

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