Monday, March 15, 2010

Maedeup Monday!

I was revisiting the sunnabi (male butterfly) maedeup and it's quite the complicated little knot. Constructing the knot is a challenge in itself but I find tightening this one to be the most difficult. It's one of those knots that you need to practice a lot to get comfortable with it. But when you see how it turns out it's all worth it.

I am getting my shopping list together for our trip to South Korea. Not only will I be seeing all our friends and doing a bunch of classes, I'll be shopping. Seoul is my favorite place to shop in the world and Rocketman knows that! I'll be picking up a lot of cording at the maedeup shop along with many other things.

It's also been in the 60's here in Minnesota which broke a record yesterday. I have one snow pile still in the front but I think that will be gone this week. We can see the grass on the lawn which we hadn't seen for many months. We're not out of the snow yet. Here in Minnesota it can snow even in May but I look forward to Spring.


  1. Very beautiful necklace. I'm a big fan of brown. I can't imagine how complex that knot is since I've had a hard enough time with saenjjok!

    I went to D-mun last week and got a few little cute charms and clasps and hope to make a simple dorae bracelet some time soon. I'll use your book as a guide.

  2. I love the book Becky, my knots are getting better! I love the heart with the necklace - Sarah is right it's just beautiful - vonna


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