Monday, March 1, 2010

Maedeup Monday!

This necklace was so fun to make because I incorporated one of my very first pieces of chilbo (Korean enameling).

Most of the time these days I don't plan out the project. I cut the cording and start letting my crafting muse take over.

This is how the sebeolgamgae maedeup looks after you have finished assembling it. It looks a little intimidating to say the least, doesn't it?

Here it is after some organizing and tightening. The first thing to do is find the four sides of the square and then the lines inside the square.

Here is the sebeolgamgae maedeup all tightened up. On this particular day, it looked a little plain to me so I decided to add...

a flower.

The sebeolgamgae maedeup flowers are so pretty and add dimension to the piece.

When working on a maedeup project, it is better to end with too much cording than too little. This time I finished with about 2 feet of cording on each side. Now in the past I would have tossed the excess but look at what I would have been throwing away!
I was able to make two bracelets. How's that for recycling?

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