Sunday, July 11, 2010

Maedeup Monday!

This is a necklace my maedeup teacher was wearing during one of my maedeup classes while living in South Korea. I thought it was so beautiful and I thought I would never be able to make something like it ever. She took it off so I could take a picture of it. My teacher strongly disagreed with me and she was right. I've come a long way from those classes.
I miss Su-Mi (my maedeup teacher) a lot and wish I still had her coming over every week for private lessons. I'm hoping when her baby is a little older I'll be able to have some lessons when I visit South Korea in the future. She was always so patient with me and made sure I understood what I was doing. Sometimes I would try to tighten in a different way and she would always correct me. Now, I know why in that it is easier to do it her way. I still have so much to learn.

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