Monday, July 19, 2010

Maedeup Monday!

This Maedeup Monday eye candy is brought to you by Rocketman. His unfortunate hospital stay allowed me to get a lot of maedeup done. I always have a bag of pre-cut cording and pendants sitting in a Zip Lock bag just waiting for an opportunity. It seems like there is never enough time to just sit and maedeup.

This was one of the necklaces I made while Rocketman had his cataract surgery on Thursday. It went pretty fast and I finished it before we left the surgery center.

This necklace I made in the Emergency Room at the hospital while Rocketman was off getting tests.

I finished it when he got admitted and was put into a room.

Thanks to an oversight by nurse Larry, Rocketman wasn't released at 8 am. as the paperwork dictated but at 2:00pm when Larry the nurse decided to open Rocketman's binder. "So sorry" he repeatedly said while chuckling.

This pendant is one of the first I made in chilbo (Korean enameling) class while living in South Korea. So I'm excited now to be able to wear it with maedeup.

Doing the maedeup really did help to calm me down while Rocketman was in the hospital. Although, I forgot how to do a few knots during the most stressful times, they did come back to me. So if you have a loved one going in for surgery and you don't want to read book while you wait, bring a maedeup project. The time really flies and you can leave with a new beautiful necklace made by yourself.

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