Sunday, July 4, 2010

Marketfest 2010 - White Bear Lake

Is there anything that Minnesota can not put on a stick?

Don't get between Rocketman and his food!

My folks were up and they enjoyed Marketfest too.

Poor Rocketman has been spending the week fixing a computer problem I accidentally created. I have had my own laptop for about half a year and am now actively using it for my crafting. I've been working on a book proposal and thought I should activate an antivirus program. The computer came loaded with Norton's but Rocketman liked Zone Alarm and we have that on our other computer. So I thought I could handle downloading Zone Alarm without Rocketman's help (I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar playing in the background).

The downloading went fine and I was really proud as a peacock. I started working and Norton's kept popping up to install. So I figured out how to uninstall Norton's and still impressed with myself I dug into my proposal again. Suddenly a blue screen came up and the computer shut down and rebooted. This happened every 5 to 10 minutes. I lost a lot of well thoughtout (at least I thought so) words. Many I still can't recall. I started to save after a few sentences. This went on all day until Rocketman came home from work.

I sadly explained what I had did and how I thought I could install an antivirus software program myself (apparently not). He spend the rest of the week up until today fixing the mess I made. It turns out that Zone Alarm is not compatible with Windows 7 although they won't admit that. Rocketman had to clean my computer out and rebuild the whole thing. He was chatting with Zone Alarm for hours. But as of a few minutes ago, my computer is back to where it was.

Don't you just love computers? I don't!

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