Saturday, September 11, 2010

Korean Food American Style

This week I've been down with a nasty flu bug. I came down with it Labor Day and have spent most of the week in bed. I'm finally starting to feel better but it sure did hang on for the longest time. To make matters worse, Rocketman had the week off.

But last week I got a craving for kimbap so I decided to make some. I had never made it before but my Korean girlfriend, Hannah, taught me once when we lived in South Korea. You start with some sticky rice which you add some rice vinegar and sugar to.

These are the ingredients I used. Also one of my favorite Korean kimbap is with SPAM. Our favorite place to get kimbap in Korea is a chain called School Food. We also try to hit it when we are visiting.

This is the roll I made for myself. I like cheese in it too but a lot of people don't. You can make it with just about anything.

This is what it looked like after I rolled it. Rocketman was surprised to come home from work to a Korean meal.

I also found this ramyeon in our local Cub grocery store and was so excited. The checkout lady said her teenagers were mad for it and she bought it by the case. She said it was too spicy for her. I only bought a couple in case we didn't like it but it was just like we would get in Korea. So I'm stocking up on it. We had it with our kimbap.
Here is the video of Hannah teaching me how to make real Korean kimbap:

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