Monday, September 13, 2010

Maedeup Monday!

A very dear friend of mine wanted a maedeup necklace for his granddaughter. Her favorite color is purple and this is the finished project.

I added a dragonfly charm which in Korea means so many things like good luck and prosperity. It was fun do make and I decided to try my limited photography skills outside using this rock in our yard as the background.

The rock has a story all in its own. It came from the St. Croix River which is about 10 miles from our house. The rock is pretty large and I would guess to say it weights between 50 and 75 pounds. My son brought the rock home while we were living in South Korea to help him with his weight training. He told me that he would walk around the yard carrying the rock for exercise. I can only imagine what our neighbors might have thought. Of course, our son has moved out and forgotten his rock so it sits under our deck. I was happy for find a use for it.

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